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  Snug Harbor on Nelson Bay
  272 Highway 70 East
  PO Box 150
  Sea Level, NC 28577

   Phone: 252.225.4411
   Fax: 252-225-1670

   For more information contact
  Stephanie Jarvis at:


Testimonials: In their own words…


“I have been singing your praises and telling everyone about Snug Harbor. I still can't believe how very different it is from what I have experienced in other facilities. Thank you for introducing me to your utopia. The level and manner of respect and peaceful living there should be benchmarked by facilities around the country.”

Kathryn Smaw Amerson, author of The Caregivers
New Bern, N.C.


Please check out Kathryn Smaw Amerson's June 4, 2011 post on her blog about Snug Harbor on Nelson Bay.


Snug Harbor on Nelson Bay ranks tops in NC with 5 stars in “U.S. News” best nursing homes rating.

June 3, 2011 by ksamerson

During my visit to Snug Harbor on Nelson Bay, a retirement oasis nestled in the serenity of the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina, I saw what life in a retirement center should be. Upon entering the facility, I was immediately struck by the non-institutional design. I expected to see a nursing home. Instead, I found a sea captain’s retreat.

Formerly a retirement home for Merchant Marines, the decor of Snug Harbor remains nautical. A well stocked library, complete with classical leather armchairs, is situated behind the receptionist’s alcove. A large fireplace invited me into the living room area. I was surprised to find a true Southern style Happy Hour taking place with several folks participating in a Broadway show tunes sing-a-long. To the delight of the residents, a visiting concert pianist was tickling the ivory of the grand piano. I walked the halls and saw residents enjoying fine dining with friends in a beautifully appointed dining room. Next door was an option for mealtime for those who preferred fast food in a diner styled atmosphere. Further down the hall, flowers adorned a quiet chapel in respect for a fallen resident.

What I didn’t see was what I have normally seen in assisted living facilities. There were no embarrassing half-tied hospital gowns or medicine carts blocking the hallways. No one sat strapped into a gurney chair trying to break free. No one was sitting alone in a room staring into space. Residents were dressed as if they were expecting company. They were navigating the very wide halls without impediments. In a hobby shop, painting, creative writing, gardening, and wood-working were being encouraged.

When Jennifer Gildard, Marketing/Community Liason, invited me to hold a reading of The Caregivers, I was pleased to visit again with the residents of Snug Harbor. It is no surprise that this facility has now been awarded 5 stars in the U.S News best of nursing homes ratings.


“This has been a great experience. I enjoy being around people and the people here are just lovely. The services have been wonderful. Would I change anything? The only thing better would be the Waldorf Astoria! I tell everyone: If you have to go to a rehab center, Snug Harbor is the place to go."

Wanda Hill Willis, short-term resident
Harker’s Island



“My mother is doing things now that I would never have thought possible. Snug Harbor is exactly what the name implies: a snug and loving harbor home.”

Lynn Woolard, family member
Kinston, N.C.


“It’s just like being on a cruise. I’ve traveled all around the world and I’ve never been anywhere where I’ve been treated as nicely as I’ve been treated here.”

Clifford Campbell, resident
Greenwich Village, N.Y.


“At first we hesitated to move Dad from Chapel Hill where he was close to my brother. But when we realized that it was a question of not-as-convenient for us versus dramatic-improvement-in quality–of-life for Dad, we knew Snug Harbor was the only choice. And we are all so delighted to see Dad doing so well: he’s so happy he’s singing again!”

Elizabeth Norton, family member
Richmond, VA




“Everybody here loves me. And I love them.”

A.B. Quinn, resident
Morehead City, N.C.

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252-225-4411 ext. 232

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Our facility is HIPAA compliant. Staff is trained on the importance of confidentiality and accountability. Snug Harbor is a Medicare certified facility.
Snug Harbor does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment.